We are sending out a precautionary note to all of our clients that you may want to shut down your PV system with the storm coming in hard. With the amount of rain, flooding, heavy winds & debris we’re expecting, if a power line drops we may get a surge that can adversely affect the systems. There are surge protectors & safety features built into the units, but we recommend doing it anyway, in the event of a heavy surge that could damage your equipment & create further problems. PLEASE REMEMBER to turn your system back ON after the storm has cleared. Also to note, if we’ve taken care of your systems, we have photos on file of your roofs & panels, which could be helpful in the event you have to file any insurance claims related to damage post-storm.

If Pacific Panel Cleaners, LLC has cleaned and inspected your PV systems and you are worrying about what to do if there is an insurance claim now or after Hurricane Lane passes for your damaged or destroyed panels, don’t worry! We have photos, records, and the report of the condition of those panels when we were last at your location, performing our PV cleaning and inspection services. 

Pacific Panel Cleaners, LLC is always here to help our customers. Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your PV systems anytime! 

Please stay safe.