Solar Hot Water

Proper care ensures your hot water is there when you need it!

Your solar hot water system works on the energy from the sun coming through the pane of glass and hitting the copper piping inside of the panel. This heats up the water that is pumped through it and goes back to  your solar hot water tank, where it is cooled down, that is right cooled down to a usable temperature.

You want to ensure you are getting all the energy you can from the sun to keep you system running as efficiently as it can.

When Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC is on the roof cleaning the solar hot water panels, we are also conducting a visual inspection of your system. This includes looking at the penetrations into your roof, the piping insulation and the gasket on the panel.

When your system was installed the piping had brand new insulation on it, this allowed the hot water to keep its heat inside the piping and not trying to heat up the surrounding area, which would lower the efficiency of the solar hot water system. The panels were installed with a brand new gasket to keep external water from entering the inside of the panel and affecting the integrity of the inside of the panel.
Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC also conducts a check on the vent and drain holes on the solar hot water panels to ensure they are free of debris and doing the job they were intended to do

If Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC finds any problems we can provide a solution.

Your solar hot water system is meant to last a long time let us help with some of the basic inspection and cleaning of the system. Let us help you protect your solar investment.