Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC is the leading solar maintenance company in the Hawaiian Islands! 

We are now hiring Part-Time and Full-Time Field Service Technicians.

We have been in business 12 years strong and are not going anywhere anytime soon. We are looking for organized, resourceful, and self-motivated Field Service Technicians to join our team and support with workflow, enhance our customer service and help the company continue to succeed!

There are many competitors sprouting up from the brush in this progressing and lucrative industry. We are a growing company, and we do all kinds of work in the photovoltaic maintenance industry. As we operate in the energy sector, this is essential work! The need for energy is not going anywhere, and our company is committed to helping our customers get the very most out of their solar investments!

POSITION SUMMARY: Field Service Technicians are responsible for performing daily cleaning and maintenance servicing of Residential and Commercial customers.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Full system inspection of the site, which requires before & after photo documentation and detailed notes.
  • Cleaning of the photovoltaic and solar hot water panels.
  • Replacement and/or new installation of units which include, but not limited to: inverters, envoys, optimizers, micro-inverters, inverter gaskets, inverter fans, gateways, etc.
  • Conduct troubleshooting appointments.
  • Conduct bird caging site inspections and installations.
  • Upload all required documentation onto OneDrive in a timely manner after each completed site appointment.
  • Attentive to email and text communication from office team members.


  • Field Service Technicians are required to complete the following courses when hired: 
    • OSHA10-Hour Construction 
    • Electrical Safety Awareness
    • Lock Out Tag Out
    • Fall Protection Training 
  • Must be comfortable with, and not have any fear of, heights! 
  • Superior attention to detail, especially when handling of any electrical equipment.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Basic math skill and data analysis
  • Time management skills 
  • Able to work independently, take initiative, and have accountability for decision making and any errors as a result.
  • Ability to ask for help when needed, to ensure quality of work standards and regulations
  • Excellent communication skills with customers and team members
  • Positive attitude, self-motivated, and willingness to learn 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with the following Microsoft applications preferred but not required: Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Excel, ​Word, and Planner
  • Experience with the following manufacturers preferred but not required: SolarEdge, Enphase, SMA, and Tigo
  • Valid Driver’s License

This is a unique opportunity to learn a specialized and desirable skillset in an ever-growing and lucrative industry! We will teach you all you need to know from Safety Procedures, Rules and Regulations, the Fundamentals of a PV System, and more. As an employee to our company, you represent a valuable investment, we will put forth into you the amount of drive you return to us!

Being an employee of Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC means that you can take pride in the quality work that you do and know that you are a member of a respected company with an earnest reputation. 

The starting pay for this position is $15.85/hr, with a One Thousand Dollar Bonus ($1,000.00) at the end of the Summer. Bonus will be paid out by the first pay period of September. Potential pay increase is discussed after a one-month work review.  

Eligible Benefits after one month of employment: 

  • Health Insurance 
  • Dental 
  • Vision 
  • Paid Time Off 
  • Simple IRA 3% match after 6 months

If you think this sounds like an amazing opportunity, you are right!

To apply please e-mail us with your resume and a brief description about yourself and why you are applying at info@pacificpanelcleaners.com with the subject line: Field Service Technician (State either Part-Time or Full Time).