Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Keeps the Sun Shining Through

Living in Hawaii is a blessing due to the amount of sunlight that we receive every day. The photovoltaic panels on our roofs can thrive in the abundance of solar energy.

But did you know that panels covered in a film of dust, dirt, pollen, or salt lose efficiency?

Lost efficiency means lost money, and this loss can easily be avoided with routine maintenance.

Photovoltaic panels work from the energy of the sunlight entering the panel and exciting the elements inside the panel. Electrons are knocked loose and forced in a direction by an electric field to a metal contact where they can be drawn out as electric current. If the energy of the sunlight is partially blocked, the solar panels will not function at their rated capacity. Dirt buildup will result in a significant decrease in efficiency.

Solar panels are made up of a number of cells, and every cell needs to be clean for sunlight to enter and for it to perform at its rated capacity. Simply hosing them down or allowing the rain to clean them is not sufficient. This is equivalent to just rinsing your car window off or letting the rain wash your car window, it might get some of the grime off but will not truly clean it.

Solar panels are a long term investment. Most panels are guaranteed to perform for twenty-five years, but without proper maintenance you will not be getting all the power you can. Many panel manufacturers recommend an annual cleaning and inspection.  If you want your system to continue saving you money, you need to have it serviced in order to ensure it is operating at its rated capacity.

Let Pacific Panel Cleaners, LLC go on your roof and do the dirty work. Call now for a free estimate of your cleaning and make your system perform the way it was meant to on the day you purchased it.