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Fred Brooks, CEM,CEA – Certified Thermographer Pacific Panel Cleaners, LLC will discussing the industry and new trends going in the business.

On this episode of Empowered Hawaii, titled “The Future of Energy,” we delve into the evolving landscape of renewable energy. Hawaii, abundant in natural resources, is at the forefront of this revolution, harnessing its vast reserves of sunlight and geothermal energy to pioneer sustainable energy solutions.

First, we’ll journey to Puna Geothermal Venture, a fascinating project aimed at harnessing Earth’s heat to generate electricity. In this deep-dive, we will learn about the process of converting geothermal energy into usable power, understand the significant benefits it offers, and discuss its potential role in Hawaii’s future energy mix.

Next, we turn our attention to the new Kaiser Permanente hospital in West Oahu. Here, we’ll examine their solar microgrid system, a remarkable innovation that ensures consistent power delivery, reduces reliance on traditional power grids, and significantly lowers their carbon footprint.

Transitioning to the aviation sector, we’ll converse with representatives from Hawaiian Airlines. The company has been proactive in reducing the environmental impact of air travel. We’ll explore their sustainability initiatives, from investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft to researching the viability of biofuels. This segment will shed light on the airline’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices and its role in shaping a more sustainable aviation industry.

This episode of Empowered Hawaii takes viewers on a comprehensive tour of the transformative energy initiatives happening on the ground, beneath the earth, and in the skies above Hawaii. By highlighting these innovative projects and engaging in insightful discussions, we aim to inspire a broader understanding of the potential of renewable energy sources. Join us as we unravel the exciting advancements in sustainable energy, demonstrating how Hawaii is leading the way in the shift towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. These aren’t just inspiring stories—they’re concrete steps towards creating a brighter future for the next generation

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