Why do I need to clean my panels?

Solar panels work from the energy coming from the sun in the form of photons. If the panel has dirt, dust, or salt buildup the photons from the light will be reflected or absorbed, thereby wasting the energy that you could be harnessing which is going to cost you money. Solar panel cleaning is an absolute necessity to ensure that you get the most out of your solar panels.

What does your service cover?

Pacific Panel Cleaners service covers cleaning and inspection of panels. We will inspect your racking, wiring , roof attachments, and all the associated piping with the system on the roof top that is visible. We take before and after pictures of your system, as well as a summary of what was noted during your service. If there is minor work that needs to be corrected like tightening down of clamps or putting new tie wraps on hanging wires, we will take care of these issues on the spot.

If there are any concerns such as worn lagging on solar hot water pipes or a worn seal on solar hot water panels, you will be notified and these issues will be fixed upon request.

If there is a serious problem with a system such as a wiring issue or any major issue that can be hazardous, you will be immediately notified.

How often do I need routine maintenance?

A once annual cleaning and inspection of your system is recommended. Certain factors do play a role such as proximity to the ocean, freeway, or areas where red dirt is airborne and can get on the panels.

What if there is a major problem with my system?

Pacific Panel Cleaners will notify you immediately and you will be informed of all possible solutions to the problem.

How do I know if my system needs to be cleaned?

If you have never had your system cleaned and inspected since installation, we would recommend having your panels serviced.

There are indicators that you can look out for, such as salt buildup on systems located near the ocean. Salt will gradually build up on the metallic components as well as the panels themselves.

If you live in an area that has red dirt in the air naturally or from construction like in Makakilo and Kapolei, more frequent cleaning is recommended to reap the rewards of your investment. Similar to car maintenance, solar panel maintenance is a necessity to ensure the longevity and performance of your solar panels.

Will I be able to tell if my solar panels are dirty by looking at them?

Significant stains such as bird droppings are very visible, but gradual dust buildup is harder to detect due to the nature of it’s even distribution on the panel.  This effect is similar to when you wipe a finger on a car and realize how much dirt buildup there actually is.