Customer Comments


Read what some of our customers have to say.

“We are impressed with the quality of your work-it was definitely a cut above.”

Joseph P. Nicolai – JN Group Inc.


“Excellent Service”

Don F. – Austin Tsutsumi


“I highly recommend Fred Brooks and Pacific Panel Cleaners for all your solar needs. My experience with his performance with respect to both installation of my PV system and his follow-up with maintaining its optional function has been exceptional. I have no hesitation about recommending him to friends neighbors and relatives with the highest confidence His attention to detail and reliability is outstanding.”

B. Cooney – Mililani


“I installed my two 4×10 solar water panels about 8 years ago as part of my new house construction. Recently after installing 16 new photo-voltaic solar panels, I noticed that my original solar water panels had a dirty film along with many yellow bee droppings on it. In addition, the insulation covering the water lines was worn and the copper pipe exposed in many areas. I knew that all of these factors would reduce the efficiency of my system.

Recently, my neighbor’s house was destroyed by fire. All my panels (water and electric) had a thin film of soot from the heavy smoke. I want to thank Fred Brooks from Pacific Panel Cleaners for his excellent work in restoring both my systems by cleaning the panels and replacing the insulation. In addition, he removed and installed new sealant around the glass on the hot water panels. Without this change, it would be a matter of time when the seal would fail and condensation could have formed under the glass greatly reducing the effectiveness to generate hot water. This preventative measure helped save me a more expensive service call.

Friendly service and high quality workmanship is what this company is about. I highly recommend Fred and his company in maintaining and restoring your solar systems to operate at maximum efficiency.”

K. Kimi – Oahu

Dear Fred,

Thank you for cleaning the photovoltaic panels when you did the annual maintenance recently. I was a little skeptical when you told me the power output would increase. I had thought that the rain would keep them clean. I was very pleasantly surprised when my power graphs showed about a 5 to 10% increase. I am very happy to squeeze every bit of power out of my system.

Looking forward to your next annual visit.


J. Sue – Oahu

“Great value and service. I was surprised by the difference in how clean our panels looked afterward.”

S.A. – Mililani

“I recommend Pacific Panel Cleaners for all types of solar systems. Fred Brooks is knowledgeable as well as personable and with his care I’m certain we have added years to our solar investment with Fred’s detailed attention.”

J. Franco – Portlock

“Fred: I was very pleased with your work, and we noticed a big increase in our solar hot water supply after you cleaned our solar panels. I expect to save quite a bit on my electricity bills in the coming year. Great job!”

R.J. – Manoa

“Fred, Thanks for the receipt. I am very satisfied with your service. I believe that anyone who has solar would benefit by having a professional inspect their system on a regular basis. It has certainly increased my comfort level.”

B.V. – Hawaii Kai